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Our Students


Students in the park

Students from every corner of the world meet on Studio courses and camps. Each student brings his or her culture and language to the common experience of living and studying in England. Everyone contributes to a wonderful multi-national environment.

We do very little advertising. Nearly all students who join our courses come to us on the personal recommendation of other students or on the advice of independent education counsellors.

People tell us that they have 3 main reasons for choosing Studio:

  • They are serious about learning English and are looking for a school with a good record of high academic standards.

  • They are looking for a school where they can have fun and enjoy a holiday atmosphere in a safe and caring environment.

  •  They wish to meet fellow students of similar age and interests, from countries all over the world

Studio students

Student statistics from our Camps (2018)

Western Europe 42%
Asia/Far East 31%
Eastern Europe 19%
Latin America 7%
Middle East/Africa 1%
Female 54%
Male 45%

Student statistics from our Intensive English Courses (2018)

Western Europe  43%
Asia/Far East       21%
Eastern Europe   17%
Middle East          9%
Latin America       7%
Africa                    3%
Female               55%
Male                    45%
Range from 16 to 66+
Average age is 22

Typical student profile

Studio Cambridge students are typically well-educated, with a working knowledge of English and an interest in languages and international affairs. They are ambitious in terms of their education, careers and personal development.




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