Course Summary

The course consists of 120 hours over 4 weeks and is made up of:

  1. Input sessions in which we teach you the knowledge and skills
  2. Teaching practice, in which you and other trainees teach a class of foreign students, – this is an  assessed part of the course.
  3. Feedback on your teaching practice, in which your teaching and the teaching of the other trainees is discussed with a trainer in small groups
  4. Tutorials – individual support and guidance from a trainer
  5. Assignments – reflection and research tasks for you to complete alongside the course – this is an assessed part of the course.
  6. Observations of lessons by qualified teachers.

Admission to this course is subject to an initial personal interview. As we require a candidate to be assessed before being accepted on a course, you should not enrol online for the CELTA. 

Intensive programme

The CELTA course is very intensive and should not be undertaken lightly. We cover a lot of work in a relatively short time. The course runs from approximately 09:15 to 17:30 hours each day, Monday to Friday, with just 90 minutes for morning, lunch and afternoon breaks. This equals at least six clock hours per day of classroom work, or a minimum of 120 contact hours during the four-week course. The evenings and weekends will be spent on written assignments and on lesson planning . The course is not compatible with a busy social life or other time-consuming commitments.

Professional and supportive trainers

Face-to-face training from supportive trainers who also teach English and practise what they preach.

Small classes and personal support

The course has a maximum of twelve trainees for input sessions and a maximum of 6 trainees in Teaching Practice groups. We have two to three trainers on each course. The trainer for your Teaching Practice group will be available to give you personal advice and guidance every day in lesson-planning time and will also give you one-to-one tutorials on your progress.

Guidance for your career in teaching

Our trainers have experience of teaching English at home and abroad. In the final week of the course, you will have sessions on professional development and on how to find work.

Teaching opportunities at Studio Cambridge

Studio Cambridge has always had the greatest confidence in its newly qualified teachers and we like to offer work to the teachers we have trained. Our successful CELTA graduates are guaranteed the offer of an interview for one of our summer teaching positions.

CELTA results and success rate at Studio Cambridge

 Year of course  Number of
Number of students
who completed course
% of students
who passed exam
2018 12 12 100%
2017 21 21 100%
2016 21 21 100%
2015 12 12 100%
2014 21 20 100%
2013 23 20 100%
2012 23  23 100%
2011 23 23 100%
2010 24 23 100%



This is an example of a typical one-week CELTA certificate course timetable:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 & 2: 09:15-10:45
Course intro and info
Teaching practice
(TP) demos
Vocabulary 1 Classroom observation Classroom observation Presentation:
3 & 4: 11:15 -12:30
Foreign language lesson Receptive skills 1 Presenting new language Present tenses Review: Setting context,
eliciting, board analysis,
drilling, guided discovery
13:30 – 15:00

Teacher & Student Roles

Demonstration of photocopier

Teaching practice feedback and preparation Teaching practice feedback and preparation Teaching practice feedback and preparation Feedback on teaching practice, Week 1 tutorial and lesson preparation
15:30 – 17:30 Teaching practice Teaching practice Teaching practice Teaching practice Teaching practice


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