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Learn English language in England on a Studio Cambridge group course River Cam in Cambridge England

English Language Courses for Groups at Studio Cambridge

Groups are welcome at Studio Cambridge 

Studio Cambridge is one of the leading providers of English language group programmes in the UK, offering both English tuition and holiday activities. The programmes are designed specifically for international education representatives, counsellors, teachers and schools.

We welcome many different types of group to Studio and most come back to us year after year. A group is usually made up of between 10 and 60 students and the length of stay is typically between 5 days and 3 weeks. Group courses are normally tailor-made in consultation with us to meet your specific requirements and they are offered at very attractive prices.

Teacher and group

English tuition

We offer 3 broad types of English language tuition packages to groups:

Joining our multinational EFL-20 or EFL-28 courses (if students are aged 16 or 18+)

Joining our summer camps or year-round camps (for students aged 9 – 19 years old)

Creating a "closed group", in single nationality classes (for students aged 14+)

In arranging closed groups (usually between September and June) we consult extensively with the group organiser to discuss the ideal programme. Closed groups do not mix with other nationalities in the classroom but have the advantage of being able to dictate the academic content of the course and the number of days and hours of tuition per week.

Groups study English language courses at Studio Cambridge

Activities programme

Some groups come to us for tuition and accommodation only, but most also ask us to organise a social programme for them outside of class, including excursions, local visits, cultural and sport activities - please visit our summer camps activities section for details of the type of activities we can offer.

Evening activities in Cambridge England

Group facts

  • Free accommodation for teachers and group leaders (provided the group contains a minimum of 15 students)
  • Groups welcomed all year-round
  • “Closed groups” from September to June
  • Integrated camp groups in July and August, or on our year-round Sir George camp
  • Discounted prices for groups of 10 or more students
  • Programmes available for 1 to 6 weeks

If you would like to find out more or ask for a quote, please contact us.

Studio Castle group visit


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