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A home away from home

1st February 2018

Staying in a homestay accommodation is an ideal way for students to practise English and get to know British culture. Our hosts welcome young learners into their home and give them a comfortable and friendly home base throughout their stay. Students live as part of a Cambridge household, taking meals together and sharing the common living areas.

All of our homestay families are carefully selected by our accommodations team and while each family is different, they share a genuine desire to welcome students into their homes and their lives. Lina from Norway said of her host family “I was very happy about my accommodation! I've stayed with an Indian British family and it was excellent. They were very friendly and helpful throughout my stay. I felt like I was part of the family”. Each homestay experience should provide an opportunity for the student and the host family to learn from each other, share interests, and establish a foundation for a successful stay in Cambridge. We believe that if the students are in a safe and comfortable environment it will lead to better academic results and overall experience. Homestay allows for the student to be within the confines a family unit, a familiar and secure feeling for most. Matsuko stated that “her host mother was so friendly, answered any and all questions and made her such nice meals!” Her comfort levels allowed her to relax and gave the ability to focus on her studies.

And it’s not all meals and a safe place to sleep in a foreign land. Recently, Silvia who hails from Italy was staying with one of our Homestay families and became quite close to them. Her hosts threw an intimate 18th birthday party at their home where cakes and laughs were on the menu. Indu (the host) made sure this young woman’s big milestone was celebrated with fanfare, just like it would have been in her own home.

Contact us here if you are interested in learning more about our Homestay program.

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