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Benefits of sending your child to English learning camp

31st May 2017

Are you considering sending your child to a summer camp where they will have the opportunity to learn English and have fun? Studio Cambridge fosters and facilitates English language learning, both in and outside the classroom allowing your child to learn English and have amazing experiences over their summer break.

Below are a few reasons why you should consider sending your child to Studio Cambridge so they can learn English in England.

Communication Skills:

School may be out but that doesn't mean your child should stop learning.

The benefits of our camps are more far reaching than just picking up a new language at a young age. A summer abroad will force young learners to work on their creative problem-solving skills and improve their reasoning abilities when faced with unknown situations allowing them to be more confident in the future. We hope that some of the skills taught at our camps will last a lifetime, helping them in their educational and career paths.


Summer camps are a long-standing tradition can be a life-changing experience for kids, giving them memories that will last forever.

During the school year, kids spend most of their time in their classrooms. Camps give children the opportunity to actively engage with their surroundings and peers. It's not just about passing a test, it's about engaging with other cultures on a daily basis. Our young learners will meet with children from all over the world which will allow them to gain a global perspective. Whether your child's new friends are from another part of the world or from the next town over, these relationships will help expand their experiences and their mindsets.


Studio Cambridge camp's experience is uniquely positioned to provide developmental needs for all its learners. From outdoor adventures to linguistic enrichment, our camps keeps learners busy, intellectually challenged and engaged in physical activities throughout their stay. Your child may discover new things about themselves, like a new love for history after taking in the famous sights of Cambridge or a rowing prowess discovered on the river Cam. Getting kids out of their comfort zone pushes them to try new things and discover things about themselves they may not have ever known.

If you are interested in learning more about our educational and fun-filled holiday programmes in a safe and welcoming environment for your child contact us here.

Interested in studying with us on an English Course? In only a few clicks, you too could Learn English in England.

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