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16th June 2017

The English Learning course EFL-28 is one of our more popular courses. The programme offers a fast, enjoyable and effective way to improve your English language skills. Students get the opportunity to customise their course with specific skills based lessons that vary from English for business to IELTS foundation preparation.

Intensive English classes allow students to quickly achieve English eloquence, learn grammar and vocabulary that will be useful in everyday conversations. A commitment to learning English over an extended period of time will help our students with academic and professional endeavours. Course content, living in the UK and our teaching philosophy are the three cornerstones of this course popularity.

The Course:

EFL-28 offers general English classes in the morning and specialist classes in the afternoons. Classes build in the morning programme, with each lesson focusing on speaking, listening, reading or writing. There is additional emphasis on pronunciation and vocabulary.

Afternoon classes are fit to the students need and desires, the classes cover a range of techniques to improve their English. The specialist classes include Language Skills, Cultural and Linguistic Studies, English for Business, IELTS Foundation and IELTS preparation. For example, in English for business, we teach the essential language used in this field as well as developing students' skills in how to be successful in business. The IELTS preparation course aims are to perfect preparation if you plan to study on a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course at an English-speaking university. Yei Li, an EFL-28 student stated that “she learnt a useful amount of English grammar and vocabulary” which will help her in studies moving forward”. We have seen such enormous strides by our students whose hard work and determination have carried them forward in all their academic or professional activities.

Living abroad:

Living in a country that speaks the language you want to learn for an extended period of time is an excellent way to push yourself; studying English abroad is one of the most effective ways to learn the language quickly. We encourage our students to fully immerse themselves into UK culture while studying with us, inside and outside the classroom. Homestay is Studio's most popular accommodation option. Living with a Cambridge host is the best way to experience British life at first hand and provides you with a friendly and secure English-speaking environment. “I loved living with my host family, I enjoyed every dinner with my host mother and the other Italian girl who lived with us. We spoke about our days and what we learned throughout our lessons” stated Sari who studied with us for a couple of weeks.

Teaching philosophy:

EFL student Larissa says a major factor that contributed to her positive experience at Studio Cambridge was the teaching staff. She says “that she appreciates the open-hearted teachers, their motivation and classes that fit each student individual needs “. Our experienced and professionally qualified team of teachers aim to facilitate English language by getting a keen understanding of each student’s needs and expectations. Richard Elstub, Studio Cambridge Academic Manager states “We believe that the best way to learn a language is for students to be fully engaged, active and using English in lessons, rather than being passive and only listening to their teacher. Therefore, our lessons are full of activities, such as discussions and debates, role plays and simulations, information exchanges on cultures and group problem-solving – all carried out in English”.

The EFL-28 programme runs throughout the year, if you have any interest in learning more about it then please contact us here.

Interested in studying with us on an English Course? In only a few clicks, you too could Learn English in England.

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