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Famous films shot in Cambridge

30th March 2018

Located in Cambridge, Studio Cambridge gives you the opportunity to enjoy UK culture in a historic town filled with beautiful local culture and the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in an English-speaking city. But did you know that Cambridge is where some of the more popular films and television programs have been shot?

Well, the city does provide cobbled streets, picturesque meadows, historic university colleges and grounds as backdrop! We have compiled a list of some of our favourite films and tv shows that have captured our hearts throughout the years.

The Theory of Everything:

The 2014 biographical drama based on renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. Much of the film focuses on his private life and the onset of his motor neuron disease, both of which occurred while he was a graduate student at Cambridge. Locations featured include St John’s College, the Kitchen Bridge, the River Cam, the Cambridge Bridge of Sighs, and several Cambridge streets.

The King’s Speech:

Founded in 673, this church was used to film scenes from Colin Firth’s 2010 historical drama about King George VI. Ely Cathedral stood in for Westminster Abbey in the movie, it also featured in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Other Boleyn Girl and the hugely popular Netflix series The Crown.


Starring Cate Blanchett when Elizabeth’s barge sails down the Thames, but it was actually filmed on the River Cam!


The Grantchester television series is filmed and set in the real village of the same name, located on the outskirts of Cambridge. Famous for showcasing not only Grantchester but iconic Cambridge locations, including the University colleges and The Backs of the River Cam.

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