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February student interview

19th February 2014

This month our student services team interviewed Douglas and Paula.

What are your names and where are you from?
Douglas: My name is Douglas and I am from Brazil.
Paula: My name is Paula and I am also from Brazil.

Which course are you doing?
Douglas: I am on the EFL20 course.
Paula: As am I.

So far, what do you like most about Studio?
Douglas: For me, what I like most is the difference between cultures of students, since you can find people from all over the world here.
Paula: I like the way Studio has a mix of students, you learn other cultures and can practise English with each other.

What do you think about the teaching methods that we use?
Douglas: I like that Studio teachers use a range of teaching methods which make learning English more interesting.
Paula: I agree with Douglas, they use a range of techniques which differ from day to day textbook activity.

Has your English improved?
Douglas: Yes a great deal, I have noticed a big improvement since I started studying.
Paula: Yes, I practice a lot with the friends I have made from the course and my host family.

What do you think about British people? Are they different from people in your country?
Douglas: British people are very polite, and of course I notice the difference between ethnicities.
Paula: I love the accent, and I think British people are very friendly. I notice the difference between my country and England all the time.

What do you think of the activities we have to offer? Which ones are your favourites?
Douglas: Studio provides a range of activities but it goes without saying, bowling and pool are my favourites.
Paula: The activities I really enjoy – It is a good way to practice my english! Cinema and pizza night are my personal favourites.

What is your favourite thing about Cambridge?
Douglas: What I like most is the hospitality of people, they are very welcoming! My favourite place in Cambridge is most definitely King's College.
Paula: The history of Cambridge is very different to that of Brazil. King's College is also my favourite place to visit.

What do you think the advantages of living in a Homestay/Residence are?
Douglas: With homestays, you live more as a British person would and I get to practice my english skills more often. On the other hand, residences offer more privacy.
Paula: Homestays offer the advantage of seeing experiencing Bristish culture and you have the opportunity to practice your english more.

What are the differences between life in the UK family and at home?
Douglas: For me the biggest difference is the food and the time in which British people have dinner – it is too early for me!
Paula: I feel here I am more independent.

What sort of food do you eat in Cambridge? Is that what you expected to eat?
Douglas: I love Sunday roasts.
Paula: chicken and chips – I really like this meal!

How does the food here compare to food in your country?
Douglas: I enjoy a British meal, but the taste is very different from Brazil. The way they spice their food here is completely different to the flavour at home
Paula: In Brazil we use more salt and spice.

How do you travel around Cambridge and why?
Douglas: I usually walk because I enjoy the fresh air and eveything is reasonably close by. If I go to London I usually travel by train as it is the quickest way.
Paula: I travel by bus because it is most convenient for me.

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