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It's Exam Day for our FCE and CAE Students!

10th March 2017

We hope you join us in wishing all our FCE and CAE students the best of luck for their Cambridge English examinations this weekend! We're sure that all the hard word and effort they've put in over the last eight weeks will pay off, and we want to congratulate them for making it this far!

Many students who come to learn English in the UK also come to gain English language qualifications; that's why we at Studio Cambridge offer both general English courses as well as specialised examination courses in Cambridge. As the oldest English language school in Cambridge, we have a long history of helping students to learn English in England while also helping them achieve their best results in these examinations. Cambridge English qualifications are accepted by over 15,000 universities, employers and governments around the world. The CAE is accepted for entrance to most British universities. Success in these exams can open doors to high education and improve employment and career opportunities. 

So, next time you're looking to study English in the UK, why not consider an IELTS or a CAE/FCE preparation course?

Interested in studying with us on an English Course? In only a few clicks, you too could Learn English in England.

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