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January 2015 student interview

7th January 2015

This month, we interviewed Sena from Japan and Noemie from Switzerland.

Which course are you doing?

S: EFL 28 and FCE.

N: I’ve just finished the FCE course.

So far, what do you like most about Studio?

S: The friendly atmosphere, the staff always try to understand and help the students.

N: The atmosphere, everyone is very friendly and always able to help.

What do you think about the teaching methods that we use?

S: There’s a wide variety of methods, they are lots of textbooks and sometimes we deal with real materials like the internet, video, news and documentaries.

N: The CDs are realy good and improve our listening. I like that we are able to speak a lot with some activities during the course.

Has your English improved?

S: Yes. My friends and teachers have both said that my English has improved.

N: I think so, specifically my vocabulary, grammar and listening.

What do you think about British people? Are they different from people in your country?

S: Some aspects are the same, some are different.

N: They’re all so friendly, whether they are at school or the people I meet on the street. They’re always motivated to go out and have fun.

What do you think of the activities we have to offer? Which ones are your favourites?

S: My favourite activity was punting in the Summer, there was a funny incident where my housemates went in the water! It was really unforgettable.

N: It’s a good way to get to know each other. My favourites are the cultural visits and movie and pizza night.

What is your favourite thing about Cambridge? (and favourite place to go)

S: I love all the parks and the beautful architecture.

N: It’s a beautiful University city full of history and beautiful buildings. I love all the pubs, especially the Eagle.

How is Cambridge similar/different to your city?

S: Cambridge is completely different to my city, a lot smaller and more peaceful!

N: There is a lot more happening here, the nightlife and sightseeing here is incredible.

What do you think the advantages of living in a Homestay/Residence are?

S: The main positive of a host family is that you can practice your English constantly.

N: It’s very comfortable in a host family because you feel like you are in a home or family enviroment. In a residence you can be more independent.

What do you talk about or do with your Host (family)/housemates?

S: We talk about our day mostly. Because I have a younger host brother and sister we took them trick or treating on Halloween.

N: My housemates are my best friends here, we always hang out together and talk about everything and nothing. They are all so cool!

What are the differences between life in the UK family and at home?

S: I find it very similar!

N: After living here for long enough, especially with my host family, I feel like I’m at home…

What sort of food do you eat in Cambridge? Is that what you expected to eat?

S: Italian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish and so on. Of course I have had some British food, fish chips and cream tea are my favourites.

N: I love to eat out, the restaurants here are really good.

How do you travel around Cambridge and why?

S: I use a bicycle, I have been here for 8 months and I felt cycling was the cheapest method.

N: Everything in Cambridge is really close and there’s always a place to lock up, so it’s best to use a bicycle.

For more interviews, check back next month!

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