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Making new friends from around the world

2nd August 2017

Studying abroad can be a very enriching and exciting journey of self-discovery. An exciting time where you will find yourself in a new country, learning a new language, entering a new school and observing new traditions! But there is one factor that may scare you which is the possibility of having to go through your adventure entirely alone.

Don't panic though; we've highlighted a few ways for you to make not just friends, but a lifelong circle of friends.

Cultural differences:

It may be that for the first time in your life that will surround yourself with people who are very different from you, asked to live with a foreign roommate and immerse yourself into a new foreign language. These new people will not share your upbringing, cultural references, or language but they will probably be feeling the exact same thing as you. " I was scared I wouldn't make any friends but I was so wrong! I made lots and we all plan to stay in touch" says EFL-20 student Amir. The whole point of a study abroad program is being introduced to people and cultures that you have never had the opportunity to experience. Beatriz from Spain who attended our Sir Christopher camp states “my favorite part of the program was having friends from different countries with different views, cultures, and opinions. It was so interesting”. Her experience is one that so many of our students live through, one of discovery, tolerance, and acceptance. 

Our advice is to lose yourself in the excitement of your adventure. Don’t be afraid to approach new people, a daunting thing to do but the payoff is well worth it!


So, you've met some new people, and it seems your allusions of lonely summer experience are drifting into obscurity. Continue this experience by delving into the unknown! We urge you to join full heartedly the activities sessions provided to you throughout your program. Join in and have fun, you may discover that one of those activities is your new favorite pastime!


Travel has a way of bonding people together; studying abroad is definitely no exception for creating strong friendships. “Luck would have it that we were put together as roommates. We bonded immediately, the language barrier became a non-issue and we had the best time together going on all the excursions together. She’s my friend for life” says Maria from Argentina of Irina from Russia, who both attended our Sir Michael camp this year.

We have lots of amazing excursions that are part of our programs and they are open to all our students. Don't be afraid of to engage with them as they will give you a broader view of the country in which you are studying. 

There's no denying that you'll form a special bond with the other people you study abroad with. Our program will send you and your fellow young learners on fun adventures where you’ll meet new challenges together and carry those memories in the years to come. 

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