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Sir Michael Creative Social Media Programme

4th July 2018

Because social media plays a vital role in broadening social connections and learning technical skills, we believe it is important for young learners to understand the role of social media and how to put it to good use for their future.

The Sir Michael Creative Social Media course is recommended for 2- 3 weeks for students that have at least pre-intermediate English level. This specialized course is designed for students who want to develop language and creative skills through social media. In an international setting, it teaches useful IT and life-skills, while promoting effective communication skills.

Students who choose to study our Creative Social Media course will learn how to use social media to promote their own ideas and interests. Jacamo from Italy said, “The course allowed me to get a better understanding of how social media works in a business context and allowed me to practice my writing”. The course teaches students ways to produce creative and attractive content on the most popular global platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Students deliver a weekly project with eye-catching pictures and videos. It has proved to be a creative and fun class for our students who are learning new ways to harness the power of social media for their professional or educational endeavours.

Course work includes:

  • Creation of a Cambridge experience page on Facebook where they will upload content created by themselves.
  • Learning about how to protect their digital reputation
  • The history of social media and its impact on society
  • Creation of blog page using WordPress
  • Social media debate: The influence of social platforms on society at large, good or bad?

Below are a few blogs created by some of our students from last year’s programme. They had to choose their subject, set up the site, draft content and use exciting imagery.


Gaming was the subject of this student's blog as he lives and breathes the virtual world. he wanted to share his thoughts new releases for his fellow gamers.


Hungry Cambridge

Katerina and her passion for food and travel as inspiration for her blog.


Wiktoria blog focused on her love of fashion and travel. She hoped that it would inspire people to live to their fullest as she tries to do every day.

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Green Tourism

Street Child United


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