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Student Interview March 2015

5th March 2015

This month we interviewed our scholarship student from Brazil, Fellipi!

Read all about the interview below:

What are your names and where are you from?

Fellipi Henrique from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Which course are you doing?

EFL 28.

So far, what do you like most about Studio?

I like the buildings, the learning centre, the teachers and the activities.

What do you think about the teaching methods that we use?  

I think these methods are interactive, communicative and entertaining.

Has your English improved?

Yes, A lot! More than I hoped. Especially my listening, that was very important. Especially learning the English accent compared to speaking English in Brazil. American English is more common in Brazil.

What do you think about British people? Are they different from people in your country?

Yes, very different! They are polite, friendly and very helpful – at least the ones I have met!

What do you think of the activities we have to offer? Which ones are your favourites?

I only take part in football because I am busy studying! The other ones are very nice and interactive, but I don’t have time for them. They are good ways to learn about Cambridge and what it would be like to be in a city on your own.

What is your favourite thing about Cambridge?

The public transport, because it runs very efficiently.  The buildings are nice and the architecture is very beautiful, especially the Catholic church.

How is Cambridge similar/different to your city?

It is different, a lot safer and you use the opposite side of the road here!

What do you think the advantages of living in a Homestay are?

 It’s another opportunity to improve our English and it’s another way to learn about the city and the culture.

What do you talk about or do with your Host (family)/housemates?

We talk about British history, the Empire, the weather and I tell them a lot about Brazil. Mainly the differences!  

What are the differences between life in the UK family and at home?

In Brazil I live on my own and I work all day, I have to prepare my own meal and I don’t normally have someone to talk to . Here I wake up later, in Brazil I normally wake up at 3am for work!

What sort of food do you eat in Cambridge? Is that what you expected to eat?

Yes, it is what I expected to eat, I did some research first. I like chips the most, I eat them every day.

How does the food here compare to food in your country?

It’s very different, the main dish in Brazil is rice and beans, there are a lot more vegetables in the diet here.

How do you travel around Cambridge?

I travel around the city by bus.

How did you feel when you won the scholarship?

I didn’t know if was going to cry, or smile, I just froze! It was something that I always wanted to experience and I never felt like I would have the chance.

How will this change your life?

This will increase my job opportunities and it will obviously improve my English.

What are you planning to do after you leave Studio Cambridge?

I will pass on my knowledge to my children, get a good job and make better money to help them. I want to start a shelter for them so they can have an opportunity like I have had.

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