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Student Interview November 2015

3rd November 2015

This month we interviewed Yi – Hsuan Lin (Sherry) from Taiwan and Delia Frei from Switzerland.

What are your names and where are you from?

Yi – Hsuan Lin (Sherry) - Taiwan (left)
Delia Frei – Zurich, Switzerland (right)

Which course are you doing?
Y: EFL 28

So far, what do you like most about Studio?
Y: I like the fact that the school is in Cambridge and all the different activities offered by the school
D: I like the location of the school because I can easily access the shopping centre as well as cafes and restaurants. I also like the atmosphere of the school.

What do you think about the teaching methods that we use?
Y: I like the different methods as they make the lessons more interesting
D: I think students benefit from using the learning centre as there are computers and books available for us to use and borrow. The different methods used in class are good and I particularly enjoy the listening and communication activities in class.

Has your English improved?
Y: I think it has, I can speak more now than when I arrived.
D: I think my confidence in speaking has certainly improved since I arrived.

What do you think about British people? Are they different from people in your country?
Y: I think British people are very kind
D: In my opinion British people are very polite and friendly. They are always willing to help when you have a problem or if you get lost.

What is your favourite thing about Cambridge?
Y: I love going to the city centre because there are lots of shops, cafes and restaurants.
D: I really enjoy going to big parks but now that it’s getting cold I like going to places like Harriets Tearoom where you can enjoy a nice hot drink and a brownie slice.

How is Cambridge similar/different to your city?
Y: The main thing I noticed was that cars drive on the other side of the road. I also think having a bicycle in Cambridge is very useful.
D: Cambridge is a lot smaller than Zurich, but I think that’s a nice quality as you often meet people you know when you are out.

What do you think the advantages of living in a Homestay are?
Y: I don’t have to worry about meals and I can practice speaking with my family.
D: I believe that living in homestay accommodation is definitely advantageous as you can improve your English by speaking to your host parents and learn new words and phrases.

What do you talk about or do with your Host (family)/housemates?
Y: I can chat to my hosts anytime I want and we talk about lots of different subjects.
D: We talk about my day at school and about family. We often watch TV series together and I have been invited to a special family event that will take place in a few weeks’ time.

What are the differences between life in the UK family and at home?
Y: In my experience living with a family in the UK is just like being with my own family back home
D: Eating dinner is certainly different in Switzerland. At home we sit together at the table and have dinner whereas here, we sit in front of the television to have dinner.

What sort of food do you eat in Cambridge? Is that what you expected to eat?
Y: I eat different things every day and I don’t always know exactly what I am eating, to be honest the food isn’t great.
D: I have some allergies, I am lactose and gluten intolerant and when I arrived I was a little worried as I didn’t know if I would find the foods I normally eat here. But to my surprise I found there is a lot of variety and the food served in the school café is different every day and there are lots to choose from.

How does the food here compare to food in your country?
Y: I can’t really compare them as they are extremely different
D: I think that in the UK you eat more fish than in Switzerland

How do you travel around Cambridge and why?
Y: On foot or bicycle
D: I take the bus as it is easier and more comfortable for me. Before coming here I thought about renting a bike but it’s getting cold now and I also think it’s a little dangerous because people drive on the other side of the road.


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