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Student Interview with Ahmad Jalal

6th October 2017


Our very popular Sir George programme has been running since 2008. It is an ideal course for students who wish to join a holiday course outside of the main summer months and who want to combine intensive English language study with an interesting and fun afternoon programme.

We spoke to Ahmad Jalal who has been on the Sir George course for over a month. He tells us about the program that has improved his English and let him explore Cambridge life with ease. 

What is your name and which country do you come from?

My name is Ahmad Jalal Ramadan Frega, I am from Libya and I am 13 years old.

What course or programme are you on?

I have been here for two months. One month on Sir Michael course and I am currently on Sir George.

Describe your overall experience.

It has been great – I love the activities and the staff.

How have you found the accommodation?

When I lived in the residence, I loved how close it was to school and getting to know all the students that lived in my hall. Now I live with a host family and they are so kind. They cook me really delicious food.

Would you say your English has improved?

Definitely. I came to Studio with only a few English words I knew, and now I can have conversations with my teachers and my friends in English. Sometimes, I still struggle to say what I want in English, but I think that is all part of learning.

What has been the most enjoyable part?

My lessons – my teacher Rob is my favourite. He is so great at teaching and very good at keeping me interested. I have met people from China, Russia, Italy, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

What has been the hardest part?

The hardest part has been being away from my parents and my brothers and sisters. I also miss my parrot.

Your view on the food supplied by Studio at lunch

The food is really nice. I love fish and chips on a Friday.

What is your overall impression of day trips outside of Cambridge?

The trips are great – I always love seeing new cities. My favourite trip was to Brighton because we went to the seaside. In Libya I play with my friends in the sea all the time, so it was nice to be reminded of home.

More independent?

I take the bus by myself and I go shopping on my own too. I like it. Everyone in Cambridge is so kind, I always feel safe.

Would you recommend Studio to your classmates?

Yes – this is a great opportunity for better jobs in the future.

What would you say to them?

You will create memories you will keep forever.

How enjoyable have the activities been?

So interesting – In Summer, we used to go swimming and we were allowed on the slide. This was amazing!

What did you like about living in Cambridge?

I love the town centre, and have managed to buy many souvenirs for my family. I also love the big old buildings, compared to the new modern buildings we have in Libya.

Where would you like to see improvements?

Nothing – I have loved my experience here and I will remember my summer/spring time here always. This was my first time in Cambridge and I hope to come back again next year!

Thank you Studio!


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