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Student Interview with Piotr Ujma

13th November 2017

It’s not every day a student returns to the same class room with the same teacher twenty one years to undertake another course at his English language alma mater. Piotr who hails from Poland first came to Studio Cambridge in 1996 to take his CPE preparation course, he tells us below how the course changed his life and the reasons why he came back after so many years.

What were the deciding factors in choosing both your courses?

As I wanted to become an English teacher in the future, in 1996 my aim was to gain proficiency in English. In 2017, I decided to come back and spend some time at Studio again, thinking it might be a great experience. Both courses were great and I can perhaps say that they exceeded my expectations.

What impacts did each course have on your life (academic or professional)?

The CPE course had a significant impact on my further development, both academic and professional. In three months, I made impressive all-round progress, taking my English from level B2 on arrival to C2 (CPE grade A) on departure. If I were to say when I really studied English, it would be definitely the three months at Studio in 1996! It was a springboard for my future career; I went on to gain ELT qualifications – TESOL Certificate followed by MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT at St. Mary’s College, London.

As for EFL-28 this year, I must admit that I came back for sentimental reasons. Having had 25 years’ teaching experience it wasn’t easy to become a student again; I did my best to resist the temptation to become a second teacher in the classroom. And the course was an unforgettable experience again! Not only did I learn a lot but also had an excellent opportunity to see different methods and techniques used by Studio teachers.

What were some of your favourite experiences during the programme?

Most impressive is the quality of teaching. Hard to believe but I had the same teacher - Dr. Phillip Brown on both courses, in 1996 and in 2017! It seems to be the right place and time to express my gratitude to Phil for his thought-provoking and challenging lessons.

On both courses I met wonderful people from all over the world. Sharing knowledge and experience or just spending time together helps improve your English.

Would you recommend Studio Cambridge to others who want to learn English?

I would definitely recommend Studio Cambridge to those who want to learn English. High quality teaching and friendly atmosphere combined with the beauty of Cambridge make Studio a perfect place for your English course. And last but not least, you always have the impression that they care about you at Studio!

Learn more about the EFL 28 programme here.

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