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UK Universities with best instagram accounts

14th September 2018


The University of Cambridge digital team has mastered the art form that is Instagram. The account showcases architectural features from its colleges and beyond, allowing students to get an understanding of campus and city life. Perfectly melding the college grounds with the great outdoors. 



A ridiculously beautiful town that brings medieval architecture and a modern charm for all. You’d be forgiven for thinking that you had stepped back in time when perusing the Oxford Instagram page – or stumbled across the Harry Potter movie. From celebrating student achievements to sharing stills of famous Oxford features, the Oxford gram captures it all.


Located in the North of England, Leeds University has a lot to work with -- and their social media team doesn't sell it short. Their Instagram account is chock full of breath-taking, high-definition pictures of their campus in every season and at every time of day. 


Edinburgh University's Instagram is a great mix of beautiful campus shots and photos of students, staff, guest speakers, and other members of the community. Their use of video to show campus life also helps give students an insider’s perspective to campus life.


Here's another example of a college Instagram account that publishes cool, freash perspectives of their campus. Alongside gorgeous photos of all different parts of campus and student life, they have a few epic shots sprinkled in from in and around the city that is delightfully charming. Their positive  feed can only help entice propective students to their beautiful campus.

 It's very possible that your personal favorite is not on our list but there are so many beautiful campus spread throughout England, it was hard to choose only five!

Also, check out our Instagram page (StudioCambridgeSchool)  where you can get a perspective of student life at our English language school based in Cambridge. 

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