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University Discovery Theme Lecture

9th August 2018

At Studio Cambridge, you can immerse yourself in the English language and get a deeper understanding of British culture while living in England. Our programmes are an effective way to increase your fluency in English for your professional or academic ambitions.

A university themed programme gives you the opportunity to study in a location that develops your English language skills for use in an academic environment. This kind of course also allows for excellent insight into the culture and expectations of university in an English-speaking location.

Our Sir Christopher programme allows students to live and study in a Cambridge University college which gives them a feel for life as a Cambridge student. The university's life, traditions and history featured as the main theme on this camp in 2018. Activities relating to this form part of the camp's English lessons, and its activity options. Following this theme, we have incorporated Cambridge University talks into our programmes. They are featured within our Intensive English languages programmes as have become a big summer attraction as part of our Cambridge University discovery camps.

Our most recent lecture was held at the Engineering department at the University of Cambridge where our students delved into the word of human senses. The students found out how the brain links to our senses, and everything is not as it seems. Especially, they were shown illusions and tricks that senses can play on us. “The lecture was so interesting, I had never thought about my senses in this way! We learned about senses I didn’t even know we had!” said Giulia who attended with her friends. Our school is lucky to be in a city that is hailed as one of the most exciting for learning and to have access to some of the best minds in the world on various subjects. We look forward to hosting more of these talks in association with Cambridge University throughout the year as they have become a popular fixture for our students.

Interested in studying with us on an English Course? In only a few clicks, you too could Learn English in England.

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