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Why I teach with Robert Gregory

29th September 2017


You’ll find that the path to becoming a teacher is almost never straight. It is a road that can be full of twists and turns and that can certainly be said for one of Studio Cambridge favourite teachers Rob Gregory! It’s a well-known fact here at Studio that there is seldom a dull moment in Rob’s classes. Adolescents are entertaining and wickedly funny, adding Rob to that mix is a recipe for fun and lots of laughter! “Rob’s classes were so entertaining! We had lots of interesting debates and fun grammar lessons” says Chiara from Italy.

We asked Rob to give us some insight into his career and life at Studio Cambridge. He tells us how his love for surf and sand shaped his decision in becoming a teacher.

Tell us about your path to becoming a teacher?

I was living in Australia at the time and I was partially compelled to teach because I grew up internationally and we used to have students at our house that my mum also taught, like mother like son, but mostly because I wanted a job that finished early so I could go surfing. Once I got into teaching I realised that being a good teacher meant that, if the students were learning and having fun, the job was more fun for you!

What is the best thing about teaching at Studio Cambridge?

I think the best thing about teaching at Studio is being able to work with some really amazing and interesting people, all of the teachers here have traveled internationally and speak a variety of languages, other than that I just love teaching in Cambridge itself. It’s an incredibly interesting city with loads of fun stuff to do.


What is the best thing about teaching at Studio Cambridge?

It’s difficult to say what my favourite memory of teaching here was, I’ve been here almost ten years and I’ve seen a lot of great classes come and go. I had an amazing FCE class a few years ago and we worked really hard and everyone passed, that was a pretty good feeling.


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