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Why learning English with us in Cambridge is an experience of a lifetime

24th May 2018

Cambridge a town rooted in history is modest in size, making it easy to get around and a place where tourist will not get overwhelmed upon arrival. Recognized as a centre for education for more than 800 years, it is the ideal place to study English in England. The city is perhaps most adored for its cobbled streets; beautiful gardens and the way it easily melds together city life and nature. “Cambridge is so beautiful, peaceful and lends itself well to learning” states Lei, an EFL-28 student originally from Japan. An experience she said she would never forget and a town she hopes to visit again in the future.

Our school offers intensive language courses and summer camp programmes to students throughout the entire year. The courses help improve their English-speaking abilities, vocabulary and grammar skills. Our strong academic staff ensure that all our students receive the help and attention they need to achieve their goals. Keisuke who hails from Japan said “I came here last April with quite poor English skills, especially speaking. Through the lessons however, I have improved my English day by day. Teachers always gave me interesting lessons, encouraged me to take part and advised me how to study English”.


You would be foolish to believe that a city as old as Cambridge is not full of fun and creative events throughout the year. Festivities are always happening in or around the city; it is a fact that your social calendar will always be full.

But we here at Studio Cambridge also offer amazing activities that encourage social interaction between all the students and provides them with a chance to meet new people. EFL student Katre said her experience was fun because “of the good times and all the great friends she made here. The activities really allowed me to meet new people and practise my English!".

Activities include:

  • Organized sports (soccer, swimming, netball, volleyball).
  • Visits to museums, galleries, cathedrals, theatres productions.
  • Punting down the River Cam.
  • Access to ongoing fairs and festivals throughout the year.


Our school’s central location allows for some exciting excursions to other historic and exciting cities throughout the UK.

Destinations include London, Brighton, Oxford, York, Windsor, Liverpool, and Edinburgh.


To learn more about our programmes click here or get in touch with out team here.

Interested in studying with us on an English Course? In only a few clicks, you too could Learn English in England.

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