Online English Summer Camp for 12-17 year olds

English and Life Skills Online Summer Camp for 12-17 year olds

Available 21 June – 13 August 2021

Our online English summer camp is designed to help 12 – 17 year olds develop the English language skills and life skills they need as they go on to become young adults.

The aim of this course is to develop language, teamwork, cultural understanding, internationalism, social confidence and leadership skills. It’s a fun course and students are encouraged to unlock their potential and aim high in the future.

Classes are dynamic and interactive with a focus on improving aural and oral skills. They are snappy, smart and active and designed to keep students engaged for short bursts of language learning each weekday.

Students can join us for just one lesson, or all of them!

The course

Lessons consist of English language tuition plus life skills. The English language part of the course focuses on vocabulary & grammar including idioms, word building, expressions, modal verbs, second conditionals, past tenses, prepositions, future forms, question forms, phrasal verbs, adjectives, phrases, future continuous, conditionals and more!

Summer schedule (Monday to Friday)

W/CWeek09:00 – 10:3011:00 – 12:30
21 June1How to be a successful teenagerHow to survive modern life
28 June2LeadershipRelationships
5 July3Global IssuesTechnology & business
12 July4People from around the worldSolving problems & teamwork
19 July5How to survive modern lifeHow to be a successful teenager
26 July6RelationshipsLeadership
2 August7Technology & businessGlobal Issues
9 August8Solving problems & teamworkPeople from around the world

Daily timetable by topic

How to be a successful teenager
  • Monday Topic: Sleeping | Life skills: How to develop good sleeping habits
  • Tuesday Topic: Emotional Intelligence | Life skills: Developing self-awareness
  • Wednesday Topic: Socialising | Life skills: How to make small talk
  • Thursday Topic: Choosing a university | Life skills: Making good decisions
  • Friday Topic: Jobs and careers | Life skills: How to be organised
  • Monday Topic: Leaders | Life skills: identify leadership qualities
  • Tuesday Topic: Environmental campaigners | Life skills: Debating – how to get your point across
  • Wednesday Topic: Social media influencers | Life skills: Evaluating your leadership skills
  • Thursday Topic: Fake news | Life skills: How to influence people
  • Friday Topic: Politics | Life skills: Student election – use your leadership skills
Global issues
  • Monday Topic: The Environment | Life skills: Debate on climate change
  • Tuesday Topic: Conservation | Life skills: How to respect the views of others
  • Wednesday Topic: Gender equality | Life skills: Debate on gender equality
  • Thursday Topic: Civil liberties | Life skills: How to stand up for yourself
  • Friday: Topic: Multiculturalism and immigration | Life skills: Debate on multiculturalism
People from around the world
  • Monday Topic: Life in other countries |Life skills: Cultural awareness – differences in other countries
  • Tuesday Topic: Stereotypes | Life Skills: How to avoid stereotyping people
  • Wednesday Topic: Celebrations around the world | Life skills: Public speaking 1
  • Thursday Topic: Spring festival | Life skills: Public speaking 2
  • Friday Topic: Countries around the world | Life skills: Practise your public speaking skills
How to survive modern life
  • Monday Topic: Modern day problems | Life skills: How to be resilient
  • Tuesday Topic: Sports | Life skills: Secrets from sports psychologists for modern life
  • Wednesday Topic: Films, TV and social media | Life skills: How to regulate your screen time
  • Thursday Topic: Video games | Life skills: How to regulate game time
  • Friday Topic: Youthspeak | Life skills: How to talk to other teenagers
  • Monday Topic: Parents | Life skills: Teenagers’ advice for parents
  • Tuesday Topic: Making friends | Life skills: How to meet new people
  • Wednesday Topic: Friendship problems | Life skills: Dealing with arguments
  • Thursday Topic: Love and relationships | Life skills: How to know someone likes you
  • Friday Topic: Rejection | Life skills: Coping with rejection
Technology & business
  • Monday Topic: Future technology | Life skills: Creative thinking
  • Tuesday Topic: Raspberry Pi – a case study | Life skills: How to think positively
  • Wednesday Topic: Persuasion and negotiation | Life skills: How to persuade and negotiate
  • Thursday Topic: Investment pitches | Life skills: Teamwork
  • Friday Topic: Money and spending | Life skills: Persuading and negotiating
Solving problems & teamwork
  • Monday Topic: Detectives | Life skills: Teamwork and problem solving
  • Tuesday Topic: Mysteries | Life skills: Teamwork and problem solving
  • Wednesday Topic: Dilemmas | Life skills: Learning through failure
  • Thursday Topic: Survival team challenge | Life skills: Creative thinking and teamwork
  • Friday Topic: Picture puzzle | Life skills: Teamwork

What level do I need to be?

The classes are taught at different levels – all students are tested online in advance and placed in the right class for them.

What time are the lessons?

There are 2 time slots available: 09:00 – 10:30 and 11:00 – 12:30 (UK time, Monday to Friday). Students can join any slot, on any day – lessons are not repeated!

How are classes accessed?

Lessons are accessed using Zoom. Students will need a computer with a camera and microphone enabled, somewhere quiet to watch and that’s it!

What is the price?

The price is £15.90 per class. Students can book just one lesson, or all of them! The price also includes an end of course certificate.

How do I book?

You can book online here or you can contact us for an application form.

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