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Camp Locations

Sir Edward - ages 8 to 13

Sir Edward is held at the King's School in Ely. A large, private boarding school during the year, it is taken over by Studio Cambridge during 4 weeks of the summer.  The school was founded over 1,000 years ago and King Edward, who died in 1066, was educated in the same magnificent buildings around Ely Cathedral which are still used by the school today.
Postcode: CB7 4DB

Sir Edward at Kings Ely school


Sir Henry - ages 9 to 14

The Hockerill Anglo-European College is in a quiet residential area of Bishop's Stortford, 10 minutes' walk from the town centre. The school is an international boarding school, for European Union students, set in its own private grounds and lovely gardens.  Studio Cambridge runs courses here for 4 weeks during the months of July and August.

Postcode: CM23 5HX

Sir Henry at Hockerill College


Sir Richard - ages 10 to 16

Leighton Park School is located just 3km from the historic Reading city centre.  The school is over 100 years old and has an extremely good reputation year-round. All its facilities are set within its own private park and gardens. Studio Cambridge takes over responsibility for the school for 5 weeks during the summer. 
Postcode: RG2 7ED

Sir Richard at Leighton Park School


Sir Laurence - ages 12 to 16

Lucy Cavendish college is one of the 31 Cambridge University colleges. Each college is an independent institution, but benefits from membership of the University as a whole. Here students live, socialise and study in peaceful and traditional settings. "Lucy" has a mixture of modern architecture and buildings dating back to the 19th century. It was established in 1965 and is surrounded by other famous university colleges just 5 minute's walk into the historic city centre. Studio Cambridge takes over college facilities for 6 weeks during the summer. 
Postcode: CB3 0BJ

Sir Laurence at Lucy Cavendish Cambridge University


Sir Michael - ages 13 to 17
Sir George - ages 14 to 17

These camps are held at our main school in Station Road, Cambridge. The Victorian buildings are more than 100 years old. It is in an excellent location, 15 minutes' walk from Cambridge's shopping centres, the old university colleges, the River Cam and several parks.

Postcode: CB1 2JF

Studio Main School Cambridge


Sir William - ages 14 to 17

Richmond the American International University in London, is an exceptional academic institution. It is accredited in both the U.S. and the U.K. and provides an American education in a very British setting. During the summer Studio takes over responsibility for this beautiful, leafy campus on top of Richmond Hill for 6 weeks.
Postcode: TW10 6JP

 Sir William in London Richmond University


Sir Christopher - ages 16 to 19

Ridley Hall College and Newnham College were built in 1880 with beautiful Victorian Gothic architecture. They are both just 7 minutes walk from the historic city centre. Ridley is affiliated with the University of Cambridge and its beautiful classic campus around a green courtyard make it an ever-popular venue. Newnham College is equally beautiful with its famous extensive gardens. It is one of the 31 Cambridge University colleges and is located next door to Ridley. During the summer we take over responsibility for both Colleges for 6 weeks in July and August. 
Postcode: CB3 9HG

Sir Christopher at Cambridge University


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