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Studio Agents

Studio Cambridge has an excellent reputation within the world of English language teaching. Over almost 60 years we have established strong relationships with agencies and representatives in most non- English speaking countries on every continent.

Although our agents often represent other schools, in addition to Studio Cambridge, we do recommend that you contact your nearest agent because;

  • They can meet you in person and give you expert advice in your own language
  • They have sent students to us before and can tell you of their experiences
  • They can usually assist with your flight arrangements
  • You can pay them locally in your own currency

We have active agencies and representatives in all the countries you see below:

Algeria                                 Jordan  

 Argentina                            Kazakhstan        

 Armenia                              Korea   

 Austria                                Kuwait 

 Azerbaijan                          Kyrgyzstan         

 Bahrain                               Latvia   

 Bangladesh                         Libya     

 Belarus                                Lithuania             

 Belgium                               Luxembourg     

 Bolivia                                 Mexico

 Bosnia                                 Morocco             

 Brazil                                   Netherlands      

 Bulgaria                              Nicaragua           

 Canada                               Norway               

 Chile                                   Oman   

 China                                  Pakistan              

 Columbia                             Panama               

 Costa Rica                          Peru     

 Croatia                                Poland 

 Cyprus                                Portugal              

 Czech Republic                  Qatar    

 Denmark                             Romania             

 Ecuador                              Russia  

 Egypt                                  Saudi Arabia      

 El Salvador                         Serbia

Estonia                                 Singapore           

Finland                                 Slovakia               

 France                                 Slovenia              

Gabon                                  Spain    

 Georgia                               Sweden              

 Germany                             Switzerland       

 Greece                                Syria     

 Guatamala                          Taiwan 

 Honduras                            Thailand              

 Hong Kong                          Tunisia 

 Hungary                              Turkey 

 India                                    UAE      

 Indonisia                             Ukraine               

 Iran                                      Uruguay              

 Iraq                                      Uzbekistan        

 Israel                                   Venezuela         

 Italy                                     Vietnam              


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