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Pocket Money

Almost everything in our camps is included in the fees. However, there may be a few additional costs for which you should plan.
Generally, we recommend that you bring around £100 per week spending money. This can be used for transport around the city, buying souvenirs and in emergencies.

Summer camp excursion

To avoid misunderstandings, we strongly recommend that your money and valuables are kept in a locked suitcase in the your bedroom. We don't recommend bringing any unnecessary valuable items.


Once you are based in Cambridge, you may wish to travel around the city by bike or bus. Cambridge is not a big city but most homestays are not within easy walking distance from the school or the city.


This is the favourite and most traditional way for getting around Cambridge, which has many cycle lanes to separate bikes from car traffic. We recommend that you only hire bicycles (approximately £15 per week + a deposit) if you are a competent cyclist and confident about cycling on English roads. We recommend that you wear a cycle helmet (available for hire with the bike) and we strongly recommend that you don't wear earphones while cycling.

If requested, we can help you hire a bicycle on the first Monday of your stay.

Visit for bike hire details


An alternative to the bike would be to use the local bus services. You can buy a 'Citi' bus pass (approximately £15.00 per week), which is called a 'Megarider'. These can be bought on the buses by asking the driver directly. Studio staff and your homestay host will also be able to help you choose the correct bus, which will take you to and from the school or city centre.

Visit for bus details


Taxis in Cambridge are safe and a good way to return home quickly and safely. To take a taxi everyday would be expensive but sometimes it is the best way to return to the homestay after an evening activity - especially iif you share with other students who live in your area. A typical taxi cost from the city centre or the school to your homestay will be between £10 and £15 per journey depending on where you live.

On arrival at the camp you will be given details of the taxi company's phone number.

Not arriving or leaving on a Sunday?

Airport transfers from the main London airports (Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted) are included in your fees as long as you arrive and depart on a Sunday. Arrival or departure on any day other than a Sunday will mean you will have to pay extra costs for the transfer.

Not arriving or leaving from one of London's main airports?

If you are not flying into, or leaving from, London Heathrow, London Gatwick or London Stansted, an additional charge will be made depending on your airport you have chosen. Please contact us for more details.

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