Is singing good for you?

Is singing good for you?

Welcome to #WelfareWednesday, where I’m going to be talking about the things we do at Studio Cambridge to ensure our students are their happiest! You may have caught some of my previous posts on our social media – I’m Amy, Head of Welfare, and I’m in charge of promoting the social and friendly atmosphere amongst our students here at Studio.

What have we been getting up to?

There’s been a fantastic buzz around school and singing really does seem to have been a highlight of the week, so that’s what we’re thinking about today. Our students from Brazil enjoyed a Team Quiz last night at school, followed by some excellent karaoke in Café Studio. The atmosphere was outstanding as everyone was having so much fun, meeting new people and learning new English song lyrics.

Reception has also seen Gabriel from the IST Group singing a beautiful song during break time, followed by Gemma from the Sales Team singing her version of “You’ve got a friend” (originally sung by James Taylor). Both voices were stunning and resonated wonderfully through the offices and classroom around Reception. Students and staff eagerly popped out to listen.

Gemma Armel from the Sutdio Cambridge Sales Team sings a duet with one of our group students.

Singing is very good for you because it raises endorphins, puts a smile on your face and encourages good posture!


We’re also holding a Latino Disco on Thursday this week which is sure to be another great opportunity for students to sing and dance together!

Benefits of Singing:

There are numerous benefits to singing. For example, it helps release endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. Research from the University of Frankfurt suggests that singing also boosts the immune system. Further, it is also known that people who sing in groups might feel a lift from their social connection and may feel happier. The Alzheimer’s Society recognises this and has even established their own ‘Singing for the Brain’ service!

We hope you have a fantastic rest of the week and remember to keep singing – it might even reinforce your English vocabulary. Have a look at Gemma and Gabriel singing in reception in the video below.

Lots of love,

Amy x