Adult English course FAQs

Adult English course FAQs

Are Studio Cambridge English courses accredited by the government or any other official authority?

Studio Cambridge is a founder member of English UK, accredited by the British Council and a member of IALC (International Association of Language Centres).

How many students do you have at Studio Cambridge?

On average, we have some 200 adult students present at any one time between September and June, and 400 in July and August. This is the optimum size. It is big enough to allow us to provide a wide range of academic programmes at all levels and a varied choice of social activities, and small enough that we can give you the personal attention you deserve.

Do I have to buy my own books?

You are not required to buy books, as educational materials are included in the cost of the course. Books and tapes are also available for reference and on loan, free of charge in our Learning Centre. You may however, wish to buy a dictionary or other reference books. There are additional costs for required course books for students taking the IELTS and the University of Cambridge examination courses.

How will you place me in an English class at the right level?

On the first day in school you take a placement test, which is both written and spoken, covering:

1. Grammar
2. Vocabulary
3. Speaking
4. Listening
5. Writing

You will then be placed in a class at your level, and your teachers will carefully monitor your progress. Please see our page on ‘Testing’ for further details.

What happens if I am better at one skill than another – for example, I am better at reading than speaking English?

If you have different levels of skills, and depending on the course you have chosen, you may be placed in different classes for each of these skills.

I want to be in the same class as my friend, is this possible?

We can place you and your friend together, but only if you have the same level of English. If you do not want to be in the same class as your friend, this can often be arranged – but it will depend on the availability of places.

What happens if I don’t like my class?

If your class is at the wrong level for you we will make every effort to change your class after the first few days.

I speak very little English. How will you start to teach me?

You will start using the language from your first day – not by translating or interpreting from your own language but by using it. Your textbooks will be especially designed for beginners and your teachers will be experienced in teaching English at the beginner level. Everyone else in your class will be doing the same. They, and your homestay hosts, will support and help you every step of the way. Very soon you will gain confidence and be able to use English far more effectively. In the unlikely event that there are no other students at your level, we may offer you private lessons in place of group lessons. There is no extra charge for this, but the number of private lessons will be provided at the ratio of one private lesson = three group lessons.

How long will it take me to learn English?

The true answer is that learning a language is a life-long experience, and your progress will depend on your ability, motivation and study habits. At Studio we have six main levels of English (each level is subdivided). It typically takes about 6 weeks to move from one main level to the next. So, if you apply yourself, you can expect to go from an Elementary level to an Advanced level in about 7 months.

If I have problems will there be someone who speaks my language who can help me?

We use only English in the classroom. However, we have staff who speak some other languages including: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish. Remember, we are here to help you at all times.

The schools in my country are segregated. Will the classes in Studio be single-sex?

No. All classes at Studio are mixed, with men and women studying together.

Will I get a certificate from Studio Cambridge after my course and is the certificate recognised?

You will receive a Course Certificate and Academic Record from Studio Cambridge. The school is accredited by the British Council. If you are taking an external examination (IELTS or the University of Cambridge) you will also receive an examination certificate.

Should I bring my own laptop computer?

It is not necessary to bring your own computer, as our Learning Centre has lots of computers which you can use between or after classes. However, most areas of the school building also have Wi-Fi access and you will be able to use your own laptop if you wish to do so.

What happens if I don’t like the school and want to leave early?

You may choose to leave your course for any reason by giving us 4 weeks’ notice. Please contact us for further information on our cancellation policy.

Can I extend my course if I like it?

Yes, there are usually places available. However, if you are visiting the UK with a Student Visa, any extensions may depend on your expected date of departure from the UK.

Can I change to another course if I don’t like the one I’m on?

Yes. A change to another course of the same or higher intensity (lessons per week) can normally be arranged within a week. However, a change to a less intensive course requires four weeks’ notice.

I am a mature adult. Will there be other people of my age there?

Our students range from 16 to 60+ years of age. The EFL-28 course tends to attract slightly older students, while the IELTS and Cambridge examination courses are more suitable for students planning on entering university.

My country has a difficult relationship with another country. Will there be people from that country in the school?

As we have 60 to 70 different nationalities at Studio every year, it is very likely that you will meet someone from that country. We teach English without regard to sex, nationality, religion or political persuasion and expect all our students to be tolerant and understanding of each other.

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