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Our Adult English courses run weekly from Monday to Friday. You can start a General & Intensive English course on any Monday throughout the year and you can study for as long as you wish.

Adult English courses are ideal for ages 18 and over, however we also cater for students aged 16 & 17. Usually, these students join our year-round camp or summer camps but they may also join Adult courses with certain welfare restrictions.

Classes include

  • Emphasis on speaking
  • Multinational lessons with students from a range of countries
  • Individual attention from your teacher
  • Experienced teaching team
  • Clear, friendly and understandable lessons for students with low levels
  • Challenging and stimulating lessons for students with high levels
  • Flexibility to change class as you progress


We adapt our teaching to the needs and learning styles of our students following three guiding principles:

  • The teaching will be balanced with practice – you will learn and practise English, with an emphasis on speaking
  • Lessons will be centred around you – you will not spend all your time listening to the teacher but you will be busy using English in the classroom
  • The language we teach will be recycled – we will not allow you to forget what you have learnt

Classes at the right level

Classes are at all levels from Beginner to Advanced. You will be tested before you arrive and placed in a class at the level which is right for you. You will be able to change level as you progress by discussing with your teacher and the Director of Studies.

Progress test

At the end of each week you will take a test to make sure that you have understood the work covered during the week. You will be able to see your improvement.

Exit test

At the end of your course you can take an exit test. This will measure your level of English at the end of your course and, by comparing the results with those of your placement test, your overall progress.


A tutorial is a private meeting with a teacher in which you can discuss the progress you have made and what you need to do next to reach your goals.

Your study plan

Based on the personal goals identified in your tutorials and your work in class, your teacher will give you a Personalised Study Plan. This will guide you to work on those areas of English which you need to focus on to improve your command of the language.

Certificate of Studies and Academic Report

At the end of your course you will receive a certificate showing the course you have studied and the dates of that course. Your teacher will also write a personalised Academic Report which shows not just your progress but also the level you have attained in each area of English. This is a very useful document for your future studies or work.

All teaching is in central Cambridge at our Main School on Station Road.

Learning English in Cambridge is a rewarding experience. Start your language journey using the links below and learn English in Cambridge!

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