Studio Cambridge students attend Academic lectures

Studio Cambridge’s Sir Christopher and Sir Laurence summer camps offered students the opportunity to explore life as a student in Cambridge. 

This year’s series of lectures started with Dr. Ljiljana Fruk presenting the link between chemistry and emotions in the “Molecules in (E)motion” lecture. The “Future is Already Here: Science has met the Science Fiction” lecture explored how science fiction is helping us imagine and understand scientific discoveries through art and literature.

Science Communicator Ginny Smith’s “Hack your Brain” lecture introduced students to the workings of the brain and nervous system by creating a giant ‘neuron’ live on stage. Her second lecture, “Can you believe your brain?”, will ask if we can trust what we see and hear using live demos, illusions and experiments.

The lectures took place at the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering and the topics are presented in a visual and interactive format.