Remembering Chris Roberts, Studio’s owner for 25 years

Remembering Christopher Roberts

1942 – 2019

Chris Roberts in 2004

We are sad to announce that Christopher Roberts, the former owner of Studio Cambridge, died in February 2019, aged 76. It was while holidaying in New Zealand that Chris suffered a sudden heart attack. He leaves behind him friends from all over the world and he will be missed by all who worked with him and knew him.

He had over 40 years in the industry, playing a big part in keeping Cambridge at the forefront of  Engish language teaching in the UK.

A student of Marlborough College, Chris started his EFL career in VSO in the 1960s, teaching children in Papua New Guinea. He came to the Studio School of English in Cambridge in 1972 and spent the rest of his working life here.

In true Studio fashion, he climbed up through the ranks, starting as an English teacher, then Director of Studies, Vice Principal and then Principal. Eventually, in 1993 he bought the school and remained our sole owner for 25 years.

As owner, he serverd on the ARELS council (now English UK) in the 90’s. Soon after, he changed the Company’s name to “Studio Cambridge” to reflect our expanding portfolio of summer camp provision for children and teenagers.

In 2004, Chris retired from the day-to-day running of the business and took the title of Chairman. In September 2018 he finally sold the company to Full Circle Education Group.

Danny Wang, the Managing Director of Full Circle said “During the purchase of Studio, Chris was always most concerned about the people that he was leaving behind at the school and the legacy of Studio Cambridge in the future. All of us at Studio owe him an enormous debt and at Full Circle we honour his contribution and his memory.”