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December student interview

5th December 2013

This month our student services team interviewed Aya and Anna.

What are your names and where are you from?
Aya: I am Aya, from Tokyo, Japan.
Anna: I am Anna, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Which course are you doing?
Aya: EFL 28 with Business English.
Anna: CAE preparation.

So far, what do you like most about Studio?
Aya: I like the atmosphere, it is very friendly between teachers, students and staff.
Anna: I like the fact that there are people from all over the world and the friendly, communicative, atmosphere.

What do you think about the teaching methods that we use?
Aya: There is a very effective interaction between students and teachers, we have a very strong communication.
Anna: I like that my course (CAE prep) is structured towards a final goal, there is a good mixture of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Has your English improved?
Aya: Yes, definitely my speaking and listening has improved.
Anna: My reading has definitely improved, I need to work on my fluency of speaking, but speaking to native English people has really helped.

What do you think about British people? Are they different from people in your country?
Aya: Japanese and British people have a lot in common, we both have a very strong sense of politeness!
Anna:Swedish people are more reserved, British people are more forthcoming – I find them very friendly and chatty!

What do you think of the activities we have to offer? Which ones are your favourites?
Aya: I like basketball the most, it is my favourite sports activity.
Anna: I especially like cinema night, it's a good time to learn more English with friends. I also really liked visiting King's College Chapel.

What is your favourite thing about Cambridge?
Aya: Parker's Piece and the River Cam, especially in the summer time.
Anna: I like the pubs, we don't have the same pub culture in Sweden. I love the Eagle in particular, it's very cosy and full of history. I love all the parks, too.

How is Cambridge similar/different to your city?
Aya: England has lots of countryside, like Japan. Cambridge has lots of old buildings, which is unlike home.
Anna: It's smaller, but I live in the suburbs of Stockholm, which is similar to the suburbs of Cambridge. There are more, nicer parks here and the people are more friendly.

What do you think the advantages of living in a Homestay/Residence are?
Aya: Living in a homestay with a native family means I have lots of opportunities to practice my English in context.
Anna: It's also a good opportunity to experience English food, culture and family life.

What do you talk about or do with your host (family)/housemates?
Aya: We talk about school, the future, family life, everything really!
Anna: We have long dinners, usually about 1 hour. We talk about the differences between England and Sweden and lots about movies!

What are the differences between life in the UK family and at home?
Aya: English families drink lots of tea!
Anna: And eat so many potatoes!

What sort of food do you eat in Cambridge? Is that what you expected to eat?
Aya: I have tried fish and chips, which is what I expected!
Anna: My host family are British/Indian so we eat lots of Indian and fusion food, but also lots of English classics.

How does the food here compare to food in your country?
Aya: In Japan we eat more fish and fresh food.
Anna: I expected it to be bland and unhealthy, but I was totally wrong – we also eat more fish in Sweden.

How do you travel around Cambridge and why?
Aya: I travel on foot - I like to see the nature, architecture and shops as I travel.
Anna: I cycle because it is quick and healthy.

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