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Student interview

21st September 2017

Our EFL-28 FCE program is one of our most popular course for students 16 and above. An intensive course with a final Cambridge examination that is among the most widely recognised English Language test in the world. They are set by Cambridge English Language Assessment. You can learn more about the examination here.  

Below is an interview we conducted with Elena who gave her thoughts on the program, school and living in Cambridge. 

What is your name and which country do you come from?

My name is Elena Morales Burgos, I am from Spain and I am 28 years old.

What course or programme are you on?

I am on the EFL-28 FCE course.


Describe your overall experience.

I love my class because it isn’t too big, so the teachers can focus on the needs of the individual. My teacher is fantastic. He is always coming up with new ways to make the class fun and interesting.


How have you found the accommodation?

My host family is really nice. They give me a lot of freedom to leave and come back to the house whenever I want. This way I can attend the weekend trips and evening activities which often finish late.


Would you say your English has improved?

I started at Studio Cambridge two weeks ago and I could not say a word. Now, I can have great conversations with my teachers and my classmates. There are time when I do struggle to talk in English, but if my English has improved in two weeks, it can only get better.


What has been the most enjoyable part?

Meeting other students from different countries has been great. We were all in the same situation when we came and now we are great friends. I love the City of Cambridge, it is beautiful. Coming here has been like a holiday – the best holiday of my life and I don’t want it to end.

What has been the hardest part?

The hardest part of my time at Studio was at the beginning. I tried to communicate with people and let them know what I wanted, but nobody understood me. My lack of confidence made it hard for me to stand out.


Your view on the food supplied by Studio at lunch

I have eaten in the Studio café a few times and the food is generally quite good.


What is your overall impression of day trips outside of Cambridge?

I look forward to these trips every week. This trips allow me to practise my English and meet others from all language schools around Cambridge.


Are you more independent?

Definitely. My host family trust me and I am surprisingly good at organising my time with work and social life.


Would you recommend Studio Cambridge to your class mates?

Yes, it is a small and quiet city but it is near to London so you can get the best of both. Studio, for me was cheaper and still offered what I wanted.


How enjoyable have the activities been?

I think they are entertaining. You have the chance to meet others from different classes and who are at different levels of English. The arts and crafts activities in particular allow you to create something which you can take home and remember forever.


What did you like about living in Cambridge?

In some parts of Cambridge, everyone is so busy because they are walking to work or catching a bus or on the phone. Other parts of Cambridge are so peaceful, like by the River Cam. I love this place. Also, Cambridge has many little streets which can make you lost. I was lost in these streets at the start of my stay but I didn’t mind it because you are never far away from seeing something beautiful. It was worth it.

Where would you like to see improvements?

I like Studio the way it is. This FCE course will help me with my speaking so that I can get my degree in speech therapy.

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