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Where to stay during your English language course in Cambridge?

Where and how you live in Cambridge is important for the enjoyment of your English Language course. We offer a choice of accommodation:

Homestay accommodation

Homestay means living with a Cambridge host who provides breakfast and evening meals for you. This is the best and most popular way to experience British life at first hand and provides you with a friendly, secure, English-speaking environment. 

Residential accommodation

Staying in a residence is the best option for those people who like to be more independent. All residences are in easy walking disctance from the school. Our year-round residential accommodation is self-catering, for students aged 18+ in our Tripos Court student residence.

Students in the kitchen

Summer residences for students on Intensive English ("adult") Courses

During the summer we also have additional residential options for ages 18+ or ages 16 &17.
For ages 18+ it is self-catering and for ages 16 & 17 it includes breakfast and dinner. 

Other accommodation choices

Accommodation in lodging houses can also be arranged, and advice can be given on booking hotels, hostels and guest houses. Apartments are also available for long-term rent. However, we recommend that you book homestay accommodation for the first four weeks of your course. During this time we will help you find an apartment that meets your needs and budget.


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