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Language tips

Learning tips

Focus on vocabulary

  1. Record new words and expressions in sets of 7-10 in a notebook.
  2. Write memorable sentences but leave a gap where the new word or expression should be.
  3. Test your memory each day until you remember them all – can you remember which new word goes in which gap?
  4. Aim to learn 7-8 words days, 50 words a week.
  5. Try to use the new words whenever you speak or write in English. This will help you to remember them.

Find something you like doing in English to help you to practise

Learning a language takes time. It needs commitment but for all of us it is easier to spend time on something if we enjoy it. This could be:

  • Reading a particular webpage, Facebook page or Twitter account that interests you, for example about sports, celebrities, fashion, art, travel, news or politics. If reading is difficult, try Simple English Wikipedia.
  • Listening to songs with English subtitles, on YouTube for example.
  • Watching videoclips, programmes or films with English subtitles e.g. on YouTube.
  • Writing reviews or comments online
  • Reading a graded reader or other book
  • Writing dialogue with an online AI chatbot

Whenever possible, practise speaking in English

Finding opportunities to practise speaking can be more difficult than practising other skills. Most people find it awkward to speak English to someone who speaks their own language but if you can practise with a classmate that is ideal.

Otherwise, when you have an opportunity to speak with someone from another country, take it!

Even if just to ask a simple question. Don’t worry about making mistakes. Just try to communicate. It doesn’t matter whether it is in person or online or whether it is with a native speaker or another learner.

On-course study skills


  1. Book a tutorial with your teacher to identify your strengths, weaknesses and personal goals.
  2. Make a plan each week about what you will do.
  3. Write the date on your class work and keep it in a folder to revise for the weekly test.


  1. Practise speaking English in the school (e.g. with friends in the café and in Conversation Club) and outside the school  (e.g. with your host family).
  2. Complete Studio Missions in your free time – see the Director of Studies.
  3. Ask in the Learning Centre for exercises to do on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading and writing.
  4. Borrow books to practise reading and DVDs to practise listening from the Learning Centre.


  • Use your Studio notebook to record and memorise new words or phrases.
  • Read a newspaper or webpage article daily and record new words and phrases.

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