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Learning resources


We use a mixture of published resources such as coursebooks, and our own lessons which are based on authentic English – the English that native speakers use.


As we do not follow a course book (except for exam preparation courses), this gives us flexibility to teach the English that the class needs, wants and is interested in. If there is an area of English, such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, writing etc., that you would like to study, please speak with your teacher. The teacher will do their best to incorporate it into the lessons the following week. In addition, if you have studied English from several course books already, you do not need to worry. Just tell your teacher and he or she will be able to avoid using anything from that book.

Real English

We use lots of our own materials. The materials include video clips from YouTube, tv and films,  and reading texts from webpages and magazines. The language in the materials is the authentic, up-to-date language used by native speakers, carefully chosen so it is the right level for you to learn from. The lessons have tasks to learn the new vocabulary, to develop your reading and listening skills, and to improve your fluency by discussing the topics and issues raised.

After lessons

After lessons – Practice makes perfect!

  1. Practise speaking English in the school (e.g. with friends in the café) and outside the school  (e.g. with your host family).
  2. Complete Studio Missions– see the Director of Studies. We have a set of tasks for you to do in your free time. The missions require you to go out and about in Cambridge and to accomplish a task using your English.
  3. Ask your teacher for exercises to do on vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading and writing.
  4. Borrow books to practise reading from Room 16 – speak with the Director of Studies

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