What do our students think of us?

I’m really glad that I came to Studio Cambridge because our teachers took such good care of us and every class was awesome! There were a lot of opportunities to speak English in the lessons so I had a great time here.

Camp: Sir George
Nationality: Japanese

Studio Cambridge is a beautiful place. You can meet lots of great people and the activities are really fun.

The teachers, the reception team, the food… everything is good here!

Camp: Sir George
Nationality: Peruvian

I had a great time and I made a lot of new friends!

Camp: Sir Laurence
Nationality: Greek

Thank you for everything, this will be an unforgettable experience.

Camp: Sir Edward
Nationality: Colombian

I consider it one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. From the first day […] it was like a dream come true, and with the help of the staff, the experience was even better! I was very happy, very enthusiastic, and everything turned out to be just as I first imagined.

Camp: Sir Michael
Nationality: Colombian

Since the moment I arrived in Cambridge, the school only gave me happiness. My host mother for example is the sweetest woman in the world – always asking me if I had a good day or not, always worried about me – just like my real Mum. I believe I was really lucky to have her as a host mother. Now I’m only thinking that I don’t want to leave.

Camp: Sir George
Nationality: Uruguayan

An opportunity to have great personal growth. You learn new things and you get a new perspective of life in another country.

Camp: Sir Laurence
Nationality: Colombian

Thanks for everything! It was great to come here again.

Camp: Sir Laurence
Nationality: Russian

If I had one wish, I would wish to stay here for longer.

Camp: Sir Christopher
Nationality: Turkish

Thank you for the great time! I had so much fun and I really don’t want to leave!

Camp: Sir Christopher
Nationality: German

My experience was incredible, my new friends, the staff members, they were all simply amazing.

Juan David
Camp: Sir Edward
Nationality: Colombian

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