Your first day

Your first day

Welcome to Studio Cambridge

On your first day, usually a Sunday, we will meet you at the school entrance and give you a warm welcome. We will need to see your passport and a visa, if you have one, or your national ID card. Then we will take you to your room so that you can settle in and unpack.

We will give you lunch or a snack if you arrive after lunch and then a hot dinner in the evening. We will introduce you to students from other countries around the world. You will have the chance to practise your English doing some fun activities.

Placement test

On Monday morning, we have a placement test. This involves a multiple-choice test with 100 questions at different levels of English from low to high, testing your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and reading skills. You have one hour to complete the test. One of our teachers will speak with you individually to assess your level of spoken English, to find out your learning goals and to advise you about the afternoon options. We  use the combined results of the multiple choice and speaking tests to ensure we choose the right class at the right level for you.


We have time for a short break before there is a short form for you to fill in with your contact details. We tell you about your timetable, classes, courses and tips for successful study. We also tell you about the activity and excursion programme and school rules. We will finish with language activities and games. You will be in a class with students from other countries and so you will be able to practise your English with them.


Your lessons begin on Tuesday in a class with students who have a similar level of English to you. You will learn lots of English and have fun, too.

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