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Teaching and topics

You will be tested in advance and placed in a class at the appropriate level, from beginner to advanced. Your classes will be dynamic, interactive, suitable for your age and effective.

You will be in a class of around 12 students, (up to a maximum of 16 students) and will be taught by a team of two teachers. Our lessons include a variety of interesting topics for lively discussion in class. These topics keep you interested and talking English. Topics include:

  • Adventure
  • Our environment
  • New technology
  • Shopping & fashion
  • Fame
  • Media
  • Family & friends
  • Food
  • Health
  • Sports
  • Leisure
  • Travel
  • Investigation
  • Fact or fiction

The academic content of our camps is carefully structured. The teaching concentrates on speaking and listening and, in this way, builds on the English you may have already studied in your home country.

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