Sir George, Cambridge – 14 to 17

What can you expect from Sir George?

Ages 14 to 17 | Cambridge | Open January 3rd – June 20th & August 29th – December 19th 2021

The Sir George camp at Studio Main School on Station Road in Cambridge has been running since 2008. Students usually join for between 1 week and 4 weeks, but longer study is possible.

During the break in July and August other summer camps offer different course options to this age group. We also close Sir George for two weeks over the Christmas period.

English language level must be at a minimum of pre-intermediate (level 3 to 6).

It is a winter, spring and autumn camp with intensive English, offering 28 lessons (21 hours) of English per week. It also provides Guided Study sessions 3 days per week after lessons and a free cultural social activity usually on Friday afternoon.

Afternoon classes are on ‘New World Skills’. This focuses on topics such as delivering presentations, debating, effective research on the internet, leadership and teamwork, cultural awareness, negotiating, using social media safely, computer coding, and more!

This is an ideal camp for students who wish to have intensive English language study in a homestay environment.

What is the course centre like?

  • City-centre site
  • Lovely Victorian buildings
  • 22 classrooms
  • Studio Café for meals and social gatherings
  • Computers with internet access and Wi-Fi
  • Lovely garden
  • Sports Hall 10 minutes walk away
  • Indoor swimming pool 10 minutes walk away
  • City parks 10 minutes walk away
  • Homestay accommodation available in the city


Studio Cambridge Main School in Autumn. There is a Virginia Creeper with red and yellow leaves climbing the school exterior


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Where is Sir George based?



Studio Cambridge Main School
Station Road


The city of Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the most famous, and most instantly recognised, city names in the world. It has been a centre of learning for 800 years and is the international symbol of academic excellence. But it is also fun! With 20,000 university students, virtually the only “business” of Cambridge is education and, despite its age, the whole city is designed for young people.

It is the ideal place for the international English language student.


Check out the gallery below to see what out Sir George students get up to!

What’s included?

English tuition:

  • 28 lessons per week – 4.5 hours per day on 4 weekdays and 3 hours on Fridays
  • Mixed-nationality classes from Monday to Friday
  • Classes in the mornings and afternoons
  • Entry test on the first Monday of the course
  • Course materials
  • Academic report from your teachers at the end of your stay
  • Certificate of studies at the end of your stay

Activities programme:

  • 3 guided study sessions per week after class
  • 2 activities per week after class, including one cultural visit usually on Fridays
  • Welcome orientation and tour of the school on the first Monday of the course (instead of a Guided Study session)

Accommodation and meals:

  • Homestay accommodation
  • Lunch at school Monday to Friday
  • Vegetarian and non-pork option always available
  • All other meals provided at your accommodation

Airport transfers:

  • Meeting you at the airport on arrival and bringing you to your accommodation
  • Taking you to the airport for departure and checking you into your flight back home


  • Welfare office and staff
  • Emergency 24-hour telephone number


  •  Comprehensive medical and travel insurance for the duration of your study with Studio.


International students in English language lessons at Studio Cambridge


Check out the gallery below to see what out Sir George students get up to!

Where will you stay?

Homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation is provided in homes located within the city of Cambridge. We cannot guarantee the distance away from the school but it is likely to be no more than 40 minutes by bus, bicycle or on foot. Students taking the homestay option should be prepared to travel independently to and from the school. There is a bus stop directly in front of the school and as we are located next to the train station most city buses go past the school.

Sir George homestays:

  • A bedroom, shared by two Studio students of the same gender who do not speak the same language
  • A shared bathroom
  • All meals included (weekday lunch taken at school)
  • Laundry once per week
  • A change of bed linen and towels once per week
  • On the first Sunday of arrival, check-in with homestays should be between 12:00 and 17:00 (20:00 at the latest)


Your host will wash your clothes for you at least once each week. Bed linen is provided and will also be changed and washed once each week.


Breakfast and dinner is provided by your hosts. Lunches on class days are provided at the course centre. At weekends packed lunches are provided. Please inform us if you have special dietary requirements.


Two beds, desk and shelves in twin bedroom at English host family's homestay accommodation for Studio Cambridge English language school


Check out the gallery below to see what out Sir George students get up to!

How do we keep you safe?

At all of our camps, regardless of the time of year, we have high levels of staff-to-student supervision. To ensure proper supervision is maintained students must attend all lessons, activities and meals, unless you are unwell.

Sir George students:

  • Have some unsupervised time when not in school or attending activities, but must not travel independently outside of Cambridge
  • Need to make their own way to and from their accommodation independently and must return by 22:00 at the latest each evening
  • Have some periods of time in the homestay house without an adult present

Sir George is a Junior camp. It is for ages 14 to 17, but rules vary slightly for ages 16 & 17 compared to ages 15 and under. Some students aged 16 & 17 prefer to join our Adult English Courses, such as EFL-28.

On Sir George:

  • The levels of supervision are higher than those provided on our “adult” courses, but we do not provide 24-hour supervision and students will not usually be supervised during free time
  • Students aged 16 & 17 may sometimes study in classes with students aged 18 or older
  • Students aged 16 & 17 may sometimes study in classes with students aged 15 or younger
  • The maximum age for students in class with ages 14 & 15 will be 17 years year old
  • There are strict “curfew” rules regarding the latest time under 18s can return to their accommodation in the evening
  • Students aged under 18 are not permitted to travel independently outside of Cambridge without a responsible adult
  • Two specified afternoon activities are provided per week for Sir George students. The school’s social programme for Intensive English (“adult”) Courses is not available to Sir George students.
  • School social activities are supervised by members of staff, but all students attending social events are expected to make their own way back to their accommodation
  • We sell tickets for full-day and weekend excursions run by other companies but not to under 18s, as we do not think the companies which run them provide the necessary supervision for this age group. Under 18s can only join Studio-organised excursions, which are led by our staff but do allow some unsupervised free-time
  • We advise parents not to allow students to make their own independent transfer arrangements. Return taxi transfers arranged by Studio are included in the camp fees.
  • On arrival, students should aim to arrive in their accommodation in Cambridge no later than 20:00


Staff in reception at Studio Cambridge English language school smiles at student


Check out the gallery below to see what out Sir George students get up to!

What will you do?

Classes are held from Monday to Friday. Students can choose to go on an excursion every other Saturday at an additional cost. A typical day at Sir George might look as follows:

Sir George

Morning lessons:


English topic lesson 1 & 2: Reality TV- reading & writing


English communication lesson 3 & 4: Films & speaking

Afternoon lessons:


Life skills for teenagers

Afternoon activities:


Guided study


To see our official example timetable, please see the file below:

2021 Sir George example timetable

To see our New World Skills lesson syllabus, please see the file below:

2021 Sir George New World Skills syllabus


Check out the gallery below to see what out Sir George students get up to!

What happens outside of lessons?

Sir George offers 3 sessions of guided study and 2 sessions of activities per week.

Guided study

Guided study is set by your teachers and there is help available from a member of staff. It will reinforce and extend what you learn during lessons, thereby helping you make quicker progress.


Cambridge is a fantastic place to study and live. Because of this, we organise a cultural visit each Friday afternoon to a place of interest in the city. Halfway through the week, we organise a social or sporting activity for our students to practise their English outside of the classroom and get to know each other.

Sample activities:

  • Charcoal sketching
  • Bag design
  • T-shirt design
  • Basketball
  • Quizzes
  • Mask making
  • Board games
  • Traditional English tea party
  • And more!


Check out the gallery below to see what out Sir George students get up to!

Is there anything else?

Airport transfers

All junior camps include transfers to and from Heathrow or Stansted airport on Sundays. If you are arriving or departing on another day or from/to a different airport, we can still provide a transfer but an additional charge would be required, depending on the distance involved.

You should aim to arrive at your accommodation in Cambridge no later than 20:00.

Registration is included in the package price for this camp, so there is no extra charge for this.


Studio-organised excursions are available for Sir George students at extra cost on most weekends. Destinations include: London, Warwick Castle, Oxford, Windsor Castle, Brighton. Typical costs range from £25 to £45 per excursion, depending on the destination.

Travelling to and from school

Homestay students will need to travel independently to and from school for classes, activities and excursions. Cambridge is not a big city so it is quite easy to get around by walking, by bike or by bus. Bus tickets and bicycle hire are an extra cost and are not included in the fees.


We recommend that students use the local bus services. You can buy a ‘Citi’ bus pass (approximately £15.00 per week), which is called a ‘Megarider’. These can be bought on the buses by asking the driver directly. There is a bus stop directly in front of Studio school for the Sir Michael camp. Studio staff will also be able to help you choose the correct bus, which will take you to and from the school or city centre.

Visit the Cambridgeshire Council site for bus timetables


This is the favourite and most traditional way of getting around Cambridge. Cambridge has many cycle lanes to separate bikes from car traffic and parks to cycle across, but we only recommend bicycle hire for students who are experienced cyclists in their own country. The cost is approximately £17.00 per week for a short-term stay, plus a deposit is usually needed. if you are a competent cyclist and confident about cycling on English roads this is a good way to get around the city.

Visit the Cambridge cycle hire page for bike hire details.


Taxis in Cambridge are safe and a good way to return home quickly and safely. To take a taxi every day would be expensive but sometimes it is the best way to return to the homestay after an evening activity – especially if you share with other students who live in your area. A typical taxi cost from the city centre or the school to your homestay will be between £10 and £15 per journey depending on where you live.

On arrival at the camp, you will be given details of the taxi company’s phone number.

IELTS Examination

If you wish to take the IELTS exam you may have the opportunity to do so on specific dates. Please contact us at the time of enrolling for full availability. This exam is at an additional cost (estimated at £180).


Check out the gallery below to see what out Sir George students get up to!


2020 Camp Prices

1 weeks £880.00
2 weeks £1400.00
3 weeks £1900.00
4 weeks £2400.00
Every week after £550.00 per week


Use our course pricer to work out how much a long-term Sir George stay will cost.

Check out the gallery below to see what out Sir George students get up to!


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