Your enrichment

Your enrichment

We know that our camp students want to get different things out of their English study experience. Because of this, we offer a variety of ways for students to enrich their language learning.

Cambridge University Discovery theme

Two of our Cambridge summer camps for teenagers and young adults offer a taste of English further education. Sir Christopher and Sir Laurence are located in prestigious Cambridge University colleges. Consequently, these camps are rare opportunities to learn more about the university and traditional Cambridge student life. Your English lessons focus on a combination of communication development and themed topics on Cambridge University’s history and culture.

This also features a lecture series in some of the university’s most prestigious lecture theatres. Our lectures are designed particularly to inspire students of examination age who are deciding their next step for their future. Students will have the opportunity to hear and meet our academic lecturers from a range of departments in the University of Cambridge.

Global Leaders

The Global Leaders course at Sir Michael will help you develop your personal, organisational and life skills in an international setting. It focuses on building your linguistic and social confidence, both in and out of the classroom. As a result, the Global Leaders course encourages understanding and empathy between young people of different countries and cultures.

Life skills

Life skills lessons are part of the Sir George camp programme. During life skills, students will discuss problems and difficult situations associated with modern life that many teenagers around the world are facing today or will face in their future. They will compare how they and their friends deal with problems and hear what their classmates do in their countries. Students will be presented with strategies and we hope that by talking them over, they will be better equipped to overcome future challenges. The areas covered are sometimes not covered in traditional education, such as:

1          How to be a successful teenager

2          Leadership

3          Global Issues

4          People from around the world

5          How to survive modern life

6          Relationships

7          Technology and business

8          Solving problems and teamwork

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