Student welfare at Studio Cambridge

Welfare staff

All of our programmes have dedicated and experienced welfare staff who will look after you during your time at Studio Cambridge. You can go to them if you have any problems during your stay. If you are under 18 and here without a group leader, you will have regular welfare meetings to check that you are ok and settling in happily.

A warm welcome

On your first day in school, you will be met by a member of staff who will talk to you to make sure that you are ok, and take you on a tour of the city centre to help you get to know your way around. If you have any questions, our staff will be happy to help.

Caring hosts & residential wardens

Homestay hosts or residential wardens will welcome you to your accommodation and help you settle into life in Cambridge. If you are under 18 years old, your host will also check that you are home by 22:00 each evening.

Medical care

Please help us to look after you by providing us in advance with relevant information about any physical health, mental health or learning issues that may affect you. This information should be provided in the ‘Emergency Contact Details form’ that we will send to you.

Medical care for under 18s

If you are aged under 18 and need to bring medication with you, please ensure we are informed of this in advance in the ‘Emergency Contact Details form’ that we will send to you. If assistance with administering the medication is requested, please provide instructions (in English) from a doctor, with an explanation of the treatment required. All medication brought with you should be discussed with the Welfare Officer at school when you arrive.

Our first aid trained staff may give students non-prescription medication (such as paracetamol), unless we are informed in advance not to do so. Homestay hosts are not able to offer medication to students.


We take a copy of all students’ passports or other ID on the first day of class. We store the information carefully and do this in compliance with UK Home Office regulations.

24-hour emergency phone

All students receive our 24-hour emergency phone number which you can call at any time, or if you need assistance from a member of staff outside of school hours.

Staying in the city

If you are under 18, we may not leave Cambridge during your free time, without written permission from your parents or guardians.

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