Homestay accommodation

When studying on an English language course, Homestay accommodation is Studio’s most popular accommodation option.

Living with a host family in their private home – a homestay – is the best way to practise English outside of classes. All our hosts are known to us personally and we inspect all of them at least once a year. They provide a friendly environment, a clean and comfortable bedroom, good food, and a quiet place for study.

Our hosts are typical of British and Cambridge society as a whole, with different ages and occupations, and from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

If we place another student in your homestay, he or she will not be a native speaker of your language, so communication will be in English.

Where are homestays located?

Homestay accommodation is provided in homes located within the city of Cambridge. We cannot guarantee the distance away from the school but it is likely to be no more than 40 minutes by bus, bicycle or on foot. Students taking the homestay option should be prepared to travel independently to and from the school. There is a bus stop directly in front of the school and our summer centre, and both are located near to the train station.

Grades of homestay accommodation

There are three types of homestay accommodation:

  • Standard single B&B – £175 per week
  • Standard single half-board – £231 per week
  • Superior half-board (18+) – £315 per week

All our homestay accommodation is booked in weekly blocks from Sunday to Saturday.

Please check with our accommodation and welfare team for superior half-board host family availability during busy periods.

Advantages of homestay accommodation

  • A fully English-speaking environment
  • Half-board (bed, breakfast and evening meals) Monday to Friday
  • Full-board (bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner) at weekends
  • Laundry is washed at least once a week

What can you expect from your homestay accommodation? 

Standard B&B – Good, clean accommodation in Cambridge with breakfast included. B&B accommodation is most suitable for students who want maximum flexibility relating to their meals and meal times, whilst still experiencing all of the other benefits of living with local people. As students won’t be able to cook meals in their homestay, this is ideal for students who want to make the most of Cambridge’s huge range of restaurants.

Standard half-board – Good, clean accommodation in Cambridge with breakfast and dinner included from Monday to Friday and breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided on weekends.

Superior half-board – For students aged 18+. This accommodation is as above but of a higher standard, usually in a large house and typically providing a private bathroom.

Single rooms – For your privacy and comfort, we provide only single study bedrooms (although twin rooms are available if requested).

Laundry: Your hosts will change your bed linen and wash your clothes at least once per week.

Other students in the homestay – Often, there will be another Studio student staying with the same host as you. However, that student will be of a different nationality or mother tongue.

How we select our hosts – Studio hosts are selected because they are friendly people who enjoy hosting international students. They provide a warm, welcoming environment where you will feel at home. 

Our Accommodation Office uses established criteria in selecting homestays. Each host is visited at least once a year when we gather, and then continuously up-date, the following information about each host:

Personal details – names of all members of the family; their occupations and personal interests; the ages, school details and interests of the children, if any; if anyone in the house smokes and their attitude to smoking; if they have pets; whether they can cater for special diets, such as vegetarian, halal, or gluten-free; whether any other languages are spoken at home

The home – Location; distance from school; walking, cycling or bus routes to school; type of home (house, apartment); size and style; number of bedrooms; type of bedrooms and facilities; number of bathrooms; facilities (garden, TV etc)

Our host’s commitment to you

In receiving Studio students, our hosts:

  • Welcome you to their home when you arrive and help you find your way in Cambridge
  • Make you feel part of the family, rather than just a paying guest
  • Encourage you to speak English, involve you in their normal daily life and invite you to take your meals with them
  • Provide a good, nutritious and balanced diet, taking particular care if you have an allergy or dietary restriction
  • Provide a change of bed linen, and wash your clothes at least once per week
  • Show concern for your welfare, safety and security and stay in close contact with the school

A typical single bedroom

Check out the gallery below to have a look at our accommodation options!


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