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It took me two weeks to visit all of the [Cambridge colleges on one of the Studio Missions], but it was definitely worth it. It really made me want to study in Cambridge. It was the best way to discover the city.

Nationality: Brazilian

Thank you so much Studio Cambridge – for everything.

Nationality: Turkish

I’ve studied at Studio Cambridge for six months. I loved joining the school’s activities, especially watching films with my friends. I’ve made many friends from different countries.

Nationality: Thai

Studio Cambridge is the perfect environment to get out of your comfort zone and improve your English whilst having a great time with the most interesting and kind people from all over the world.

Nationality: Dutch

I established a great bond with many other students who were with me too. Meeting people from all over the world really makes you grow as a person, which I think is fantastic.

Nationality: German

[The teachers] were all funny and always motivated. The lessons were always interesting.

Nationality: Swiss

My host family were really kind people and helped me a lot. Now I feel that this is my other home.

Nationality: Japanese

I have fallen in love with Cambridge and I appreciated every minute in this school […] the month that I spent here passed very fast and I will remember all these moments with great joy.

Nationality: Italian

It’s been a fantastic study tour, which will be one of the most valuable experiences of my life!

Nationality: Chinese

My homestay accommodation was very good and the family changed my view on Britain and how people think here.

Mariette, Alexandra & Ferdinand
Nationality: German

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