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Course Summary

Students on the river Cam In Cambridge England learning and studying English at Studio Cambridge UK

EFL-28 course

This option offers general English classes in the morning and specialist classes in the afternoons.

In total it contains 28 lessons (21 hours) of tuition per week, plus free social activity options after class.

Amongst the Studio Cambridge english courses, EFL-28 is our most popular choice. In the mornings it follows the EFL-20 programme of 20 lessons (15 hours), with an additional 8 afternoon classroom lessons (6 hours) per week.

The morning classes are available for all levels of English in a structured course focusing on the use of English in normal everyday situations. They combine quality classroom teaching, with self-study resources and after-school practice situations. 

Afternoon options are also available, but some specialised options require a higher starting level of English (click the "Course Content" tab (above) for details of the afternoon options)

Studio Cambridge lessons in English class Studio English school in Cambridge

Afternoon classes  

EFL-28 offers 8 lessons (6 hours) of afternoon English tuition per week, in classes which differ in style from the morning classes.

As well as offering a wider choice of options, students will usually be taught by a different teacher and the make-up of the class is likely to be different. This allows you the opportunity to work with and learn from different teaching styles and the chance to get to know more international students.

You will be asked to choose which option you want to take once you start your course. You can usually move from option to option, (depending on availability). 

Click the "Course Content" tab (above) for details of the afternoon options.

Teacher and studying students at Studio Cambridge UK Students sttudy and practise English at Studio Cambridge

Social Activities

After-class activities are are offered free of charge at least once a day (Monday to Friday) so you can practice your English in real-life situations.  Click on the "Activities" tab for full programme details.


 Learning English through practice at bowlingStudying English through bowling

Notes to parents and guardians of students under 18 years old

Our EFL-28 course is considered to be an "adult" course and therefore we primarily cater for students aged 18 years or older. However, we also welcome students aged 16 & 17 who prefer an "adult" course to a camp programme (such as Sir George or a summer camp).

It is important to note that on EFL-28:

  • The levels of supervision are lower than those provided on our camps. We do not provide 24 hour supervision and students will not be supervised during free time
  • Students aged under 18 must be in class in the mornings and afternoons, therefore they may not book morning-only classes (EFL-20)
  • All students are expected to make their own travel arrangements to and from their accommodation
  • It is normal for students to have some periods of time in the homestay house without an adult present
  • Students aged 16 & 17 on "adult" courses often study in classes with adults aged 18 or older
  • The minimum age of students in class with ages 18 or older will be 16 years old
  • Students aged 16 & 17 may be joined in class by ages 14 & 15 (attending the Sir George camp)
  • The minimum age of students in class with 16 or 17 year olds will be 14 years old 
    (see point 20 of our Terms and Conditions)
  • There are strict "curfew" rules regarding the latest time under 18s can return to their accommodation in the evening (see our Accommodation page for details)
  • The school’s social programme is not compulsory or specifically designed for under 18s. Some activities are not suitable or accessible for students under 18
  • Students aged under 18 are not permitted to travel independently outside of Cambridge without a responsible adult and written permission from a parent or guardian
  • School social activities are supervised by members of staff, but all students attending social events are expected to make their own way back to their accommodation
  • We sell tickets for full-day and weekend excursions run by other companies but not to under 18s, as we do not think the companies which run them provide the necessary supervision for this age group. Under 18s can only join Studio-organised excursions, which are led by our staff but allow unsupervised free-time during the day
  • We strongly advise parents of students aged 16 & 17 to arrange return taxi transfers through Studio and avoid independent travel. 
  • On arrival, students should aim to arrive at their accommodation in Cambridge no later than 20:00

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2019 Course Prices

1 - 4 weeks £325.00 Per Week
5 - 12 weeks £310.00 Per Week
13 - 19 weeks £295.00 Per Week
20 - 29 weeks £230.00 Per Week
30 + weeks £205.00 Per Week
«« Enrol »»
Level of English: Levels 1 -6
Number of lessons per week: 28 lessons = 21 hours
Start Dates: Every Monday
Average Age: 23
Minimum Age: 16
Maximum students in class: 16

Testimonials from our Students

"Unfortunately my stay here is nearly over – I have really enjoyed my time in Studio Cambridge. Time goes so fast! I liked my host family, my teacher Ray, and also my classmates For me it was very interesting to see the other students and to talk to them, especially those who were from other countries with another native language. My friends and I didn’t take part in many activities but we did go to Kings College which was impressive. I wish we had such beautiful old colleges in Switzerland. I can recommend Studio Cambridge for all the students who would like to improve their English, meet new people and have a good time in Cambridge "

Julia from Switzerland - EFL 28 student

"Coming to Cambridge has been one of the best decisions of my life, I have fallen in love with Cambridge. I appreciated every minute in this school as it was a pleasure to study and have classmates. The month that I spent here passed very fast and I will remember all these moments with great joy. Thanks to this experience I had the opportunity to improve my English, meet new people most of whom have become good friends I hope to have, one day, the opportunity to come back to this beautiful city and see the school again. "

Daniella from Italy - EFL 28 student

"My time at Studio was very happy time. My teachers were good, always helping me when I had questions. Next year I will come back to Cambridge because everybody speaks English here so I can practice. "

Necdet from Germany - EFL 28 student

"First of all, Cambridge is a beautiful city – I felt very lucky to have come here. I preferred Studio Cambridge because the teachers are good quality and they are really helpful and friendly (especially Jo!) There are many facilities in Studio. There are excellent activities and excursions. I think that punting was the best! Everybody can find good friends. The other students were also friendly and sociable Lessons were funny and helped me – Thank you so much Studio Cambridge – for everything "

Nur from Lebanon - EFL 28 student

"I liked Nikki my teacher. She was very cheerful and passionate about her job. The excursions were fantastic, I had a lot of fun in London and enjoyed Scotlanddue to its rich history and great culture. Paris was magnificent, the Eiffel tower is a worthwhile visit and who could forget Disneyland!!! Cambridge is a peaceful city with many activities and beautiful scenery. "

Alex from Chile - EFL 28 student

"My course lasted about 4 weeks and I think that this was too short! I enjoyed my lessons as they were very useful. My teachers were very good, they explained perfectly English grammar rules and the meaning of words which made things so much easier. I visited a lot of places in Great Britain. One day I will come back! Anyway – it was great!"

Yulia from Russia - EFL 28 student

"I came here last April with quite poor English skills, especially speaking. Through the lessons however, I have improved my English day by day. Teachers always gave me interesting lessons, encouraged me to take part and advised me how to study English The students were also very nice. They were friendly and I was able to get on with them easily even though it was the first time that I had studies with non – Japanese students My host family were really kind people and helped me a lot. Now I feel that this is my other home. I have tried some typical Cambridge activities such as punting. Since I first tried punting, I have become a big fan! I will never forget the experience in Cambridge. This is one of the best memories in my life – Thank you! "

Keisuke from Japan - EFL 28 student

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